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Social Media Guide

Navigating social media

This guide can serve as a resource for doctors aiming to harness the power of social media to its full potential. Below, physicians will find helpful tips, tools and further resources that will equip health care providers the knowledge and strategies necessary to better connect with patients.

Social Media Platforms and Tools Available

  • Online platform examples include: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter/X, YouTube
  • Communication tools examples include: Blogs, image sharing, online videos, podcasts, public health media libraries

Tips for providing effective health messaging through discerning social media use

  • Pinpoint strategies

    Identify the most effective social media platforms and tools to reach your audience.

  • Incorporate impactful tools

    Utilize the most impactful social media tools for your message development and delivery.

  • Customize content

    Tailor content to meet the target audience’s needs. Patients must find value and meaning in your messages, ultimately propelling them into positive action.

  • Stay pertinent

    Incorporate timely and relevant content that is accessible in various formats and contexts.

  • Join forces

    Partner with other health care professionals and organizations to increase the scope and reach of health communication channels.

  • Cite reliable sources

    Include health messages developed by credible sources including federal and state agencies, organizations, and national, state and local health initiatives.

  • Network and collaborate

    Connect with other professionals or organizations who can assist in evaluating broad dissemination and effectiveness of the messages.

  • Maintain professionalism

    When using social media, it is essential to maintain professionalism by demonstrating the following:

    Use of practical, simple steps to mitigate the misuse of social media.
    Avoid professional consequences by ensuring patient confidentiality and providing advice with caution.
    Respond appropriately and think before posting. This pause will facilitate clear and concise communication.

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