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OMED Research Poster Presentations

Research track

Research opportunities abound at OMED

The OMED Research Poster Presentations features an informative poster session/competition.

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Call for OMED 2024 Research Abstracts

The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Research Abstract & Student Poster Competition and the Bureau of International Osteopathic Medicine (BIOM) Abstract Competition are merging.

Please note that the criteria for the international review process will vary slightly, so please consult the “Review Criteria” section of the Abstract Criteria for more details.

The AOA’s virtual poster session/competition provides an opportunity for researchers, both new and mature, to share their research with a broad audience. See 2023 Research Posters in the Poster Gallery. As part of the competition, the AOA BIOM provides an opportunity for osteopathic medical students and residents to share their research experiences as they relate specifically to health care internationally.

The virtual Poster Session is integral to the Osteopathic Medical Education Conference (OMED) experience. Investigators interested in participating will submit an abstract of their research project. Approved abstracts are published on the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (JOM) website.

The international poster session will include a student and resident poster competition. Students and residents must enter the competition at the time of their abstract submission. The non-international virtual poster session will include a student poster competition. Students must enter the competition at the time of their abstract submission.

Abstract submissions will open on Monday, March 18, 2024.
Deadline for submission: Monday, June 17, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. CT

Please note that The AOA does not accept literature reviews, policy analyses, case studies or narrative medicine essays as described below:

  • Case studies that generalize results without supporting data, focusing on specific cases like individual patients or ailments.
  • Literature reviews that do not involve new data collection, hypothesis testing or data analysis. Instead, they provide an objective evaluation of existing ideas to understand the current state of knowledge on a particular topic.
  • Policy analyses that summarize existing and/or proposed policies and aim to inform and influence the policymaking process by communicating with policymakers, stakeholders and the public.
  • Narrative medicine essays which combine medical practice with personal narratives and reflections, focusing on the human experience in health care but without the empirical research or analysis typically required for scientific studies.

Please review the Abstract Criteria document carefully for detailed information regarding submitting your abstract.

OMED 2023 AOA Research Poster Presentations

Hybrid OMED 2023, held Oct. 6-8, for the AOA Research Poster Presentations featured:

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