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Midyear Business Meeting

Leaders in action

AOA leaders & affiliate executives convene

Meeting agenda includes midyear updates & reports from osteopathic affiliate stakeholders.

When: Feb. 20-23, 2023
Where: Coronado, CA

The AOA’s Board of Trustees will convene Feb. 20-23 in Coronado, California, for the AOA’s annual Midyear Retreat and Business Meeting. During the meeting, AOA leaders will meet to consider and address issues of importance to the organization, as well as the broader osteopathic medical profession.

Osteopathic affiliate leaders and executives are invited to attend and participate in the General Session, set for Feb. 22-23. Options for virtual participation will be available for those unable to attend in person.

Past meetings

Review resolutions and reports from past Midyear Business Meetings.


For additional information about the AOA Board of Trustees Midyear Business Meeting, contact:

Dawn Amaskane
Associate Vice President, Administrative Affairs
(312) 202-8057

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