CME CME Reporting Forms

CME Reporting Forms

Lifelong learning

Reporting non-osteopathic CME

Here's how to obtain credit for CME not automatically reported to the AOA.

NOTICE: The Executive Committee of the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists (BOS) approved a proposal allowing a grace period through May 31, 2019, for the 2016-18 CME cycle. 

AOA board-certified diplomates will have the option to fulfill 2016-18 CME requirements by either:

  • Submitting CME credits earned between Jan. 1, 2016 and Dec, 31, 2018 that have not yet been reported for that cycle.
  • Applying CME credits earned in the current CME cycle (2019-2021) toward the previous AOA CME requirement. To elect this option, complete an Authorization Release Form and return it to the AOA Department of Client and Member Services.

Any credit applied to the previous CME cycle cannot be applied to the current CME cycle.

Category 1-A and 1-B credit is osteopathic and does not need to be self-reported to the AOA. Category 1 CME event organizers will report your CME credits to the AOA within 90 days of the program.

Acceptable Category 2 credit includes AMA-accredited or AAFP-approved credits. These credits are typically listed on the certificate of attendance as being:

  • AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
  • Accredited by: Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) or
  • Approved by: American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

Reporting process

Use the forms below to report CME activities not automatically reported by AOA-accredited CME sponsors and for special CME requests. You can report CME by emailing attachments to or faxing forms to (312) 202-8202. It takes at least two weeks for submitted credits to post to your CME Activity Report. For more info, check out our FAQ or contact us at (888) 62-MYAOA or (888) 626-9262 or

Include your name and AOA number with all submissions.

  • Submit copies of the certificates of attendance. Do not send the originals.
  • Include your contact email or phone number in case there are questions.
  • Please don’t submit the same certificates of attendance multiple times, as this slows the posting process.

Credits not applicable for 2019-21 CME cycle

  • Credits used previously to fulfill previous CME cycle requirements
  • Credits earned or acquired prior to Jan. 1, 2019
  • Credits not accredited by AOA or ACCME, or approved by AAFP
  • See the 2019-21 CME Guide for a listing of non-qualifying activities

Credits not applicable for 2016-18 CME cycle

  • Credits used previously to fulfill previous CME cycle requirements
  • Credits earned or acquired prior to Jan. 1, 2016
  • Credits not accredited by ACCME or approved by AAFP

CME Reporting Forms

Getting started
Osteopathic CME

Note this form can be used only for the 2016-18 CME cycle, and not the 2019-21 CME cycle.

Non-osteopathic CME
Home study CME
  • Home Study Form 2019-2021
    This form is for individual DOs to document reading of recognized scientific journals, listening to approved audio tapes, and other approved home study courses and programs under the criteria described for Category 2-B CME.
Healthcare facilities CME
CME sponsors
Request for waiver/reduction of CME credit
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