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Raising the profile of DOs across the globe

Osteopathic medicine is gaining international recognition as the AOA works to advance practice rights for U.S.-trained DOs.

Raising international awareness of osteopathic medicine is one of the AOA’s key strategic objectives. In collaboration with the Osteopathic International Alliance and the Bureau of International Osteopathic Medicine, the organization has identified the following focus areas aimed at increasing the impact of osteopathic medicine within the global health community.

  • Expanding licensure and practice rights for U.S.-educated and trained DOs
    During the past several decades, DOs have received practice rights in many countries around the world. To further expand these opportunities, the AOA works to educate foreign health officials about the U.S. model of osteopathic medicine.
  • Sharing data and other resources and collaborating on research with the international community
  • Exploring opportunities to accredit an international U.S.-model college of osteopathic medicine

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