Practicing Medicine SDOH Toolkit Assessment & Referral

Assessment & Referral

SDOH assessment & referral in your practice

Learn key considerations & download the AOA's sample patient assessment form for use in your practice

The following list outlines key issues to consider when incorporating social determinants of health (SDOH) assessment and a referral system into your practice:

  1. Work with the practice team to adopt a “whole person” approach.
  2. Educate staff on the importance of screening for and documenting patients’ SDOH needs.
  3. Identify SDOH assessment tools and resources appropriate for your practice.
  4. Collaborate with the practice team on developing an effective workflow system.
  5. Obtain training for the practice team on identifying SDOH risk and protective factors and effective referral to community resources.
  6. Document any SDOH needs by utilizing the established SDOH ICD-10 Z codes.

SDOH Sample Patient Assessment

The Sample Patient Assessment Tool is intended to be completed by a patient prior to meeting with the physician. This tool was developed by the AOA Bureau of Osteopathic Research and Public Health in alignment with the following criteria: 1) Questions focus on areas where physician/practice can provide assistance; 2) Assessment can be easily understood by patients at all literacy levels; 3) Questions relate to the osteopathic approach in consideration of the patient’s body, mind and spirit.

Click below to download the AOA’s sample “Patient Assessment of Individual, Family and Community Needs” form for use in your practice.


Patient assessment - sample form
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