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Quality Improvement

Quality & safety

AOA Quality Improvement programs support excellence in patient care

Initiatives focus on continuous improvement, collaboration and patient-centered care

At the AOA, we are committed to elevating health care standards and ensuring the best possible patient outcomes. Our Quality Improvement initiative is designed to foster a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration and patient-centered care among osteopathic physicians (DOs) and health care providers across the nation.

With the goal of enhancing the quality and safety of health care services provided by DOs, the initiative is tailored to support health care professionals in delivering the highest standard of care to patients. Through a combination of education, resources and networking opportunities, we are dedicated to driving positive change within the health care industry.

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Quality improvement objectives

  • Promoting best practices
    We provide evidence-based guidelines and best practice recommendations to ensure that health care providers are equipped with the latest knowledge and strategies to deliver exceptional care.
  • Collaborative learning
    We foster collaboration among health care professionals through workshops, webinars and conferences, facilitating the sharing of insights and experiences that contribute to improved patient outcomes.
  • Advocacy
    In addition to current advocacy efforts, we will monitor and analyze the benefits and consequences of relevant legislation and communicate with lawmakers and staff to educate them on the potential impact on our physicians; our PSO network will allow us to collaborate with other medical associations and health care organizations to build a coalition to amplify our voice.
  • Research and innovation
    We support research initiatives aimed at identifying innovative data-driven solutions. Our strategic partnerships will allow us to source potential funders to support research that can directly impact policy and practice.
  • Student involvement
    Collaborating with academic institutions can provide opportunities for students and residents to engage in meaningful experiences. This not only contributes to the development of the next generation of health care professionals but also allows the AOA to tap into fresh perspectives and energy.


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