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Effective Messaging

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Establishing your presence on social media

Check out these tips for providing effective health messaging on social media.

If you’re just getting started on social media, developing effective messaging will help you establish your online presence as an expert voice in medicine. The list below includes tips for providing effective health messaging on social media.

  • Identify the most effective social media platforms and tools to reach your audience.
  • Use the most impactful social media tools for your message development and delivery.
  • Tailor content to meet the target audience’s needs. Patients must find value and meaning in your messages, ultimately propelling them into positive action.
  • Use timely and relevant content that is accessible in various formats and contexts.
  • Partner with other healthcare professionals and organizations to increase the scope and reach of health communication channels.
  • Utilize health messages developed by credible sources including federal and state agencies, organizations and national, state and local health initiatives.
  • Partner with other professionals or organizations who can assist in evaluating broad dissemination and effectiveness of the messages.
  • When using social media, it is essential to maintain professionalism by demonstrating the following:
    • Use of practical, simple steps to mitigate the misuse of social media.
    • Avoiding professional consequences by ensuring patient confidentiality and providing advice with caution.
    • Responding appropriately and thinking before posting. This pause will facilitate clear and concise communication.
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