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November 2018

Researchers find elderly firearm owners with dementia pose accidental shooting risk, with few laws to address growing issue
An article in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association notes high-rates of gun ownership and dementia risk among baby boomers.

CMS responds to physician concerns, delays payment changes until 2021
The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) applauds CMS for adopting several recommendations made by the AOA and other stakeholder groups that will provide immediate relief of burdensome and duplicative documentation requirements, and for delaying implementation of final payment policy changes.

October 2018

Expanding independent practice rights for non-physicians means not all patients can see doctors
Physician shortage can’t be fixed by expanding responsibilities of health care professionals with less education and training, according to the American Osteopathic Association.

Interventions to delay and prevent Type 2 diabetes are underused, researchers say
Medication, surgery and lifestyle programs are proven to prevent or delay onset of diabetes, though access to them is limited, according to a JAOA study.

Survey finds 38% of parents say their children experience anxiety
Social and academic pressures, fears of violence top kids’ worries, according to a new survey commissioned by the American Osteopathic Association and conducted online by The Harris Poll.

Mayo Clinic researchers question benefits of long-term oxygen therapy in COPD
Many patients with mild to moderate COPD unlikely to live longer on supplemental oxygen, according to review published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

AOA statement from William S. Mayo, DO, American Osteopathic Association president, on passage of the Opioid Crisis Response Act
The AOA commends Congress passing the Opioid Crisis Response Act and including the Substance Use Disorder Workforce Loan Repayment Act as part of a comprehensive approach to addressing opioid misuse.

September 2018

American Osteopathic Association investigation results in action against Massachusetts man offering osteopathic treatment
An assistant physical therapist and sports trainer answered to “doctor” and wrongfully used the credentials “DO.”

Accreditation decisions for colleges of osteopathic medicine
The American Osteopathic Association’s Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) today announced accreditation decisions made at its Aug. 24-26, 2018 meeting.

Researchers find children experience concussion symptoms three times longer than adults
Keeping children under 13 years old out of the classroom during recovery from concussion symptoms is not necessarily the preferred treatment, according to a comprehensive research review in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

Study finds cheaper, easier access to fruits and vegetables key to helping college students eat better
Cafeteria cost and quality can influence eating habits among students convinced of the benefits of an improved diet, according to The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association research.

August 2018

Cigarette use one of most significant health risks to military service members
The American Osteopathic Association has partnered with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Tips From Former Smokers® campaign to address high smoking rates among service members, who smoke at a rate 60% above the general population.

American Osteopathic Association opens membership to all physicians
After more than 100 years, osteopathic physicians (DOs) vote to admit MDs as full members.

New medical specialty needed to manage growing number of Americans with diabetes
The emerging field of diabetology is intended to address an emerging crisis in health care: nearly one-third of Americans has a type 2 diabetes diagnosis or has prediabetes. However, new research in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association finds resistance among payers and other physicians may slow growth of the fledgling specialty.

American Osteopathic Association supports review of cannabis classification
The American Osteopathic Association supports a review of the classification of cannabis to facilitate advancement in clinical, public health, patient safety and health policy research, according to a resolution approved by the AOA House of Delegates.

July 2018

American Osteopathic Association details settlement agreement in class-action lawsuit
Four plaintiffs to receive $15,000 each, payable from legal fees; board certification to be uncoupled from membership.

American Osteopathic Association installs William S. Mayo, DO, as 122nd president
Dr. Mayo plans to make board certification more cost-effective and technologically advanced.

Researchers identify model for reducing binge drinking in college students
A new study in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found college students will drink responsibly if told doing so will improve their health, relationships and grades.

America’s frontline physicians concerned about administration’s plans to suspend risk adjustment payments
The AOA and other medical organizations urge the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to reverse its decision to halt risk adjustment payments.

Early intervention could prevent chronic pain, which affects half of all adults
Osteopathic physicians cite crucial three-month window for treatment before pain becomes chronic.

June 2018

Program teaching patients happiness skills aims to improve participant health
A pilot program in Philadelphia community health centers is teaching patients to approach happiness as a learned skill, rather than a fleeting emotion.

Survey Finds Less than Two-Thirds of Americans (62%) Know a Preventive Vaccine is Available for Shingles
The new FDA-approved vaccine offers more effective protection and can be used in younger patients, but most adults aren’t aware of it, an AOA survey finds.

Joint Principles on Opioid Crisis Call for Comprehensive, Public Health Approach to Addiction Treatment
The AOA and other medical organizations called on Congress to recognize opioid use disorder as a chronic disease of the brain that requires comprehensive treatment.

May 2018

Physicians with High Debt More Likely to Work in Medically Underserved Areas
State and federal loan repayment programs designed to address physician shortages are driving indebted doctors to medically underserved areas, according to a new study in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

Survey Finds Patients Want to be Friends with their Physicians on Social Media
A new survey from the American Osteopathic Association found more than four out of 10 adults would like to be friends with their doc on social media.

Accreditation Decisions for Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
The American Osteopathic Association’s Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) today announced accreditation decisions made at its April 26-29, 2018 meeting.

April 2018

Researchers Say Chronic Dizziness Can Result from, or Trigger, Psychiatric Disorders
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association research notes psychiatric disorders present in 15% of patients with chronic dizziness.

March 2018

High School Summer Program Hopes to Build Pipeline of Future Doctors, Particularly Among Under-represented Minorities, Researchers Say
The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association study finds summer program improves high schoolers’ medical knowledge by 38%, and raises their understanding of how to prepare for medical school by 34%.

America’s Frontline Physicians: Statement Opposing Restriction of Access to Qualified Providers
The AOA and other physician organizations urge Congress to oppose any effort to condition payment for health care services on factors other than medical and legal qualifications and standards.

One in 250 Females Likely to Develop Lupus During Childbearing Years
Outcomes for the potentially fatal chronic condition improve when patients are diagnosed early.

February 2018

Researchers Find Low Magnesium Levels Make Vitamin D Ineffective
A review published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found Vitamin D can’t be metabolized unless people have sufficient magnesium levels.

Survey: Adults Looking for a Resource to Lose Weight Twice as Likely to Consider Exercise Programs (56%) than a Physician (28%)
A new survey from the American Osteopathic Association found 56% of Americans believe exercise programs are the best resource if looking to lose weight, but DOs caution exercise alone is rarely an effective strategy for weight loss.

New Cannabis Products Highly Potent, Pose Mental Health Risks
A special report in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association aggregates what is known about issues that may be triggered by marijuana use to help physicians give the best evidence-based recommendations.

DO Match Day Produces Nearly 1,000 Primary Care Residents
More than 1,600 osteopathic medical seniors and graduates today matched into osteopathic residencies in 25 specialties.

January 2018

Outpatient Clinic Reduces No-Shows by 34 Percent Amid 13 Percent Increase in Patient Visits
Implementing a program to reduce patient no-shows helped an outpatient clinic achieve a 34 percent decrease compared to the same quarter the previous year, according to a new study in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

Statement on Congressional Reauthorization of CHIP Funding
The AOA applauds Congress’ decision to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program and encourages Congress to move forward with protecting other public health programs, including Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education.

America’s Frontline Physicians: Statement on Medicaid Qualified Providers
The AOA and other physician organizations strongly urge the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to put patients first by reconsidering its support of state waiver requests that would prohibit qualified providers from participating in the Medicaid program.

Cervical Lesions Change Fastest in Hispanic Women, Slowest in Black Women—For Better and Worse
A new study in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found the rates at which precancerous cells in the cervix progress toward becoming cancerous or regress toward normal vary among Hispanic, black, white, and Asian women.

125 Years of Osteopathic Medicine: Number of Osteopathic Medical Students Increases 85 Percent in Ten Years
There are now more than 108,000 osteopathic physicians (DOs) in the United States, with over half practicing in primary care.

December 2017

American Osteopathic Foundation Selects Chief Executive Officer
Rita Forden will oversee strategy and development efforts in her new role as chief executive officer of the American Osteopathic Foundation.

Accreditation Decisions for Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
The American Osteopathic Association’s Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) today announced accreditation decisions made at its Dec. 1-3, 2017 meeting.

Coalition Encourages Maintaining Access to Health Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries
The AOA and other leading physician organizations developed principles to ensure any changes to Medicaid benefits do not impact access to care.

Research Offers Guidelines to Improve Quality of Care for Patients Who Are Sexual Assault Survivors
Disclosing incidents of sexual assault and other forms of abuse to their primary care physicians can help improve the quality of patients’ care, according to a JAOA review.

American Osteopathic Association Names Kristin Belleson Vice President of Affiliate and Membership Services
As vice president of affiliate and membership services, Kristin Belleson will drive the association’s member value by better aligning AOA products and services to the evolving needs of physicians.

November 2017

MS Patients Who Adhere to Treatment Have Higher Health Costs–And Better Outcomes
Researchers found patients with multiple sclerosis who adhered to medication schedules had significantly better physical outcomes than patients who did not, although the total overall costs for their care were higher, according to a new JAOA study.

American Osteopathic Association Names Daniel Williams, DO, Vice President of Certifying Board Services
In his new role, Daniel G. Williams, DO, will oversee the AOA’s 18 osteopathic certifying boards and the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists.

America’s Frontline Physicians Oppose Efforts to Eliminate the Individual Mandate
The AOA joins other health care organizations in opposing provisions in the Senate tax reform proposal that would repeal policies requiring individuals to purchase health care coverage.

Bullying in America: Survey Finds Nearly One-Third of Americans (31%) Have Been Bullied as an Adult
People bullied as adults note significant mental and physical impacts as a result, including depression and anxiety, loss of sleep and mental breakdown, according to a new AOA survey.

American Osteopathic Association Names David J. Pugach Senior Vice President of Public Policy
David J. Pugach, JD, will lead advocacy efforts in Washington D.C. for the physician organization.

Infants with Extra Fingers May Receive Non-Evidence Based, Complication-Prone Treatment
Suture ligation remains a common treatment for polydactyly, but it often requires corrective surgery, according to a case report and review in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

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