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As an integral part of our commitment to quality improvement, the AOA has established the American Osteopathic Association Patient Safety Organization (AOA PSO), a community dedicated to identifying and addressing potential patient safety risks while promoting a culture of transparency and accountability.

What is a PSO? Through the AOA PSO, members of the osteopathic medical profession collaborate to address patient safety issues while being protected by federal regulations. Participants analyze safety events and promote improvement opportunities, break down barriers to communication and foster a culture of learning.

Who can join? Osteopathic physicians, residents, medical students and health care administrators are invited to join the AOA PSO. There is no cost for AOA members. You may choose to join multiple PSOs tailored to your needs.

Regardless of your background, career stage or medical specialty, we welcome you to join our journey towards excellence. Together, we can drive positive change, enhance patient outcomes and set new standards for health care delivery.

Join the PSO


Benefits of participation

  • OCC Component 4: AOA PSO participation fulfills Component 4 of Osteopathic Continuous Certification.
  • No cost for AOA members: Joining the AOA PSO is FREE for all AOA members.
  • Free AOA Category 1 CME: PSO participants receive complimentary access to patient safety webinars and activities approved for AOA Category 1 CME credit.
  • Confidential reporting: Participants access a secure platform to confidentially report adverse patient safety events and near misses.
  • Patient safety education: PSO participants receive access to educational resources, workshops and webinars focused on preventing errors, enhancing communication and prioritizing patient safety.
  • Data-driven solutions: Your contributions will help build patient safety data that can be used to develop targeted interventions and strategies to mitigate risk, thereby reducing adverse events and medical errors.
  • Just culture:  The AOA PSO is based in “just culture,” a concept that promotes fairness, transparency and a focus on learning from errors rather than placing blame.

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