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Number of new DOs sets a record in 2019

The number of osteopathic physicians is on the rise and it's projected to keep climbing.

The 2019 Osteopathic Medical Profession (OMP) Report, the annual industry growth report from the AOA, showcases the record-breaking pace in which the osteopathic medical community continues to grow as the second decade of the 21st century closes. Nearly 7,000 new physicians graduated from osteopathic medical schools in 2019, bringing the total number of DOs: 121,006, to the highest number in history. In fact, DOs make up approximately 11% of the American physician population. The profession has grown 63% in the past decade and nearly 300% over the past three decades. Between DOs and osteopathic medical students, the profession is now 151,000 strong.

2019 OMP Report

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