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TIPS Program

Make a difference

Become a change-maker through the AOA's Training in Policy Studies program

The TIPS program provides residents with specialized instruction on navigating policy issues that impact patient care and well-being.

The Training in Policy Studies (TIPS) program is a policy-based program that provides an understanding of current health care policy issues while also providing leadership opportunities.

Sessions will focus on physician payment models, health care reform, the Higher Education Act reauthorization, the opioid epidemic and current public health issues. Participants will gain experience in writing policy briefs and white papers, oral testimony, media training, and more.

This program serves as an initial leadership and policy program for residents wishing to become more active within the osteopathic profession. TIPS fellows have gone on to participate in the Health Policy Fellowship program, which has produced over 20 deans and college of osteopathic medicine presidents.

How to apply

The 2018-2019 application cycle will open at the end of July. Check back soon to begin your application.


TIPs fellows can head to the TIPS program resources page for tools to help you complete your assignments.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the fellowship?

The fellowship is a year-long leadership training program designed to give osteopathic physicians the skills they need to analyze, formulate and implement health policy on the local, state and national levels with the purpose of increasing access to affordable, quality health care.

Who can apply for the fellowship?

This program is open to all osteopathic physicians who have completed one year of postgraduate training and remain in an active AOA- or ACGME-accredited training program. We are seeking a class of 20 fellows.

How many seminars will I attend?

Fellows will attend four in-person seminars, including the orientation session at OMED and your class graduation. Fellows also will participate in eight video conferences.

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes. A fellow who is accepted into the program is expected to attend all four sessions, complete all assignments by the deadline, and participate in a minimum of 80% of video conference/online discussions.

How much does the program cost?

There is no tuition cost for the program. The AOA will cover costs related to travel for the in-person meetings in accordance to its travel policy.

Can I receive academic credit or CME for my participation in the fellowship?

No, there will be no academic credit or CME credit received for completion of the TIPS program.

Who makes travel and lodging arrangements?

You will make your own travel arrangements to the seminars. Please note the time the seminars end and make return flights that will allow you to participate fully that last day of the seminar.

AOA staff will make lodging arrangements for the fellows.

How much time am I expected to devote to fellowship activities in between sessions?

Fellows spend approximately 20 hours on TIPS assignments in-between sessions. The reading assignment is designed to take about four hours. The bulk of your time is spent researching your project report topic and drafting your project report.

Will I make a formal presentation of my policy project report?

Yes. The fellows will be invited to present at an AOA Bureau meeting or conference.

Do I earn a certificate for my participation in the TIPS?

Yes, you will receive an AOA certificate of completion at graduation.

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