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DO Day on Capitol Hill

Advocacy matters

Raise your voice during DO Day

DO Day on Capitol Hill is a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with members of Congress and staff members on key issues that impact DOs and their patients.

DO Day logoMarch 30-31, 2020 | Washington D.C.

Registration is now open for DO Day on Capitol Hill, the premier osteopathic event of the year. Don’t miss this opportunity to join more than a thousand DOs and osteopathic medical students gathered in Washington D.C. to engage lawmakers on legislation vital to the practice and principles of osteopathic medicine.


Monday, March 30: Registration, advocacy training and issue briefings will begin during early afternoon. Attendees are strongly encouraged to participate in the training. If you’re unable to attend on Monday, please plan to arrive no later than 5:45 a.m. on Tuesday, March 31.

Tuesday, March 31: The day will kick off with a breakfast briefing that includes presentations by guest speakers on how to best communicate with members of Congress and a brief recap of the issues you will be discussing. After that, you’ll meet with your Congressional representatives throughout the day on Capitol Hill.


The AOA has reserved a block of rooms at the JW Marriott that can be booked at a discounted rate of $382 per night.


How does DO Day work?

The day begins with a breakfast briefing to discuss how to best communicate with members of Congress, a review of the issues you will be discussing and presentations from guest speakers – everyone from members of Congress to the Surgeon General. Following the briefing, you will travel to Capitol Hill with your colleagues to meet with your congressional representatives throughout the afternoon.

Do I make my own appointments?

No, we will handle that for you. The AOA’s Public Policy team will match your address (where you are registered to vote) against our congressional database to request appointments with your elected officials.

Why is there a registration fee?

The AOA is enhancing the DO Day on Capitol Hill experience by providing a more robust training platform, a real-time mobile tool, potential additional meetings, and a team of your colleagues to help guide you throughout the day. Unlike previous years, you will receive your meeting schedule via the mobile tool up to 1-3 days before the event. In addition, the mobile tool will provide:

  • Preliminary schedules (pre-DO Day)
  • Your personal schedule
  • Real-time schedule changes
  • Seamless notation of key committees, co-sponsors, etc.
  • System-wide day-of-event alerts
  • Meeting feedback
  • Links to Members of Congress’ bios
  • Photo upload
  • Live help desk

To provide a better experience for DO Day attendees, we implemented a registration fee for all attendees. We are confident you will love the changes to this year’s DO Day on Capitol Hill.

Will I meet my member of Congress personally?

Possibly, but this varies from meeting to meeting. Members of Congress have very busy schedules. Between votes, committee hearings and meetings with other constituents, their time is scheduled down to the minute. They may spend the whole meeting with you, two minutes with you, or none at all. We always request that the member of Congress be present at the meeting.

I have friends from another state who will be at DO Day. Can I go with them to their meetings?

No. Congressional offices want to meet with the constituents who hold the power to elect them into office. For that reason, we cannot allow participants to switch groups.

What if I can’t answer a question about a particular issue?

It’s perfectly acceptable to say “I don’t know,” and tell the office you will follow-up with the answer. If you’ve ever watched C-Span, you’ve seen cabinet secretaries do this all the time. This also provides you with a prime opportunity to contact the office again and continue to build a relationship.

What if I'm the only person from my district?

AOA staff will work to review the schedules and combine groups or select “Hill Day Veterans” to accompany first time participants. Small states with three to five participants in total can attend all meetings together.

Why am I asked to provide the address where I'm registered to vote?

Members of Congress are elected to represent the people who live within their specific district or state – their constituents. Many of them will only meet with their actual constituents. Prior to scheduling your appointments, we verify the address you provided is where you are registered to vote. If you use another address, we will need to update your registration accordingly. Not registered to vote? Get registered.

Why do I need to subscribe to the DO Engage?

The DO Engage is our primary way of communicating with members about events like DO Day. If you are not subscribed, we will not be able to inform you of changes or provide you with the necessary materials for you to have a successful DO Day. Therefore, we ask you to remain subscribed to the DO Engage advocacy email through DO Day 2018. If you are not already subscribed to the DO Engage, you will be signed up when you register for DO Day.

Why do you need my cell phone number?

Congressional offices often change DO Day meetings at the last minute. We need to be able to communicate with  you about schedule changes while you are on Capitol Hill.

How do I find my Facebook profile URL?

Your Facebook profile URL is the link to your Facebook page. The format will be To find this URL, login to Facebook and click on your name in the top left corner. You will be taken to your profile page and the profile URL will be visible.

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