You're well on your way toward becoming a licensed physician. Get the tools you need to be successful throughout your training.

From the classroom to the training ground

All your hard work in medical school has paid off and you're finally a DO. Now it's time to put your skills to use in a clinical setting. During your training, you'll hone your diagnostic abilities and fine-tune your patient treatment approach.

Starting Residency

Navigate the big milestones in your residency training, from licensure to board certification and beyond.

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Residency Approval

Get step-by-step info on obtaining AOA recognition for ACGME, federal and military residency training.

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Exam Prep

Rock the COMLEX Level 3 and start preparing for exams you'll complete at the end of residency training.

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Managing Student Loans

Create a repayment plan for student loans and any other loans you have, including credit card debt.

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Blaze a Path in Research

Apply for an AOA research grant

You could receive an AOA grant of up to $20,000 if you’re pursuing research in one of our five priority areas: chronic disease, pain management, osteopathic philosophy, OMM & OMT, and musculoskeletal injuries and prevention.

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As a resident, the AOA will help you:

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