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Student Doctors Prepping for COMLEX

Prepping for COMLEX

Ready, Test, Go!

Your guide to COMLEX Levels 1 and 2

The COMLEX-USA is a three-level exam series that prepares you to obtain your medical license. Here's what you need to know.

All osteopathic medical students are required to pass COMLEX-USA Level 1 and Level 2 in order to graduate from osteopathic medical school. You’ll take the first level of the exam near the end of your second year of medical school. Typically, you’ll take Level 2-Cognitive Evaluation (CE) and Level 2-Performance Evaluation (PE) during your third or fourth year. You can take the two parts of the Level 2 exam in any order, but you must complete both before you can take Level 3 during your residency.

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