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AOA Advertising Policy

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The following policies and guidelines pertain to proposed advertising placements for all AOA publications, websites and social media.

Updated March 2023

The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Advertising Policy applies to the placement of advertising in all AOA journals, publications, event programs, newsletters, enewsletters, eTOCs, websites, social media and other AOA communication channels. To learn more about opportunities for advertising with the AOA, email [email protected].

The AOA reserves the right to make changes to the following policies at any time, and the advertiser’s placement of advertisements with AOA constitutes acceptance of these policies.

  • All advertisements submitted for publication or placement on an AOA property are subject to the AOA’s approval. The AOA has the right to approve or deny any advertisement prior to publication, as well as the right to cancel any advertising contract at any time, even if previous advertisements have been approved. Advertisements that are generally prohibited by the AOA include those that:
    • Conflict with or have the appearance of conflicting with the AOA’s mission and/or governing policies;
    • Promote products, meetings, educational courses, and services that directly compete with those offered by the AOA and/or its affiliate organizations;
    • Solicit membership, or gather data for the purpose of soliciting membership, by organizations other than the AOA; or
    • Solicit fundraising by organizations or individuals other than the AOA or its affiliate organizations.
  • The AOA reserves the right to decline advertising for any educational course, meeting, or related event if the advertised event is planned for the same dates as the AOA’s OMED annual conference, DO Day, or any other AOA event which may be impacted by the advertisement.
  • All advertisements must be submitted for approval in accordance with the processes and deadlines detailed in the relevant advertising media kit or as shared by the AOA or the publisher’s sales representative.
  • The AOA does not verify the accuracy of claims made in third party advertisements and running a print or digital ad or posting does not imply endorsement by the AOA. Advertisers and their advertising agencies, if applicable, assume full liability for their advertisements, and are responsible for any claims arising from them.
  • Advertisements must clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service being offered. Layout, artwork and format must avoid confusion with the editorial content of the AOA, and the AOA may, at its sole discretion, include the label “Advertisement” prominently on advertisements that might be confused with editorial content.
  • Submission of ads for pharmaceutical products assumes prior review and approval of the materials, claims and design by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and advertisers must disclose to AOA if prior review has not taken place. The AOA will not accept advertisements for any product, apparatus, instrument, device or pharmaceutical product that is the subject of litigation pending before the FDA.
  • Cancellations are not accepted after the stated closing date. All cancellations must be made in writing and acknowledged by AOA.
  • Use of the AOA name and/or logo is prohibited in advertisements without AOA’s prior written approval.
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