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DO Day Background

Customize your screen

Download your DO Day Zoom background

Follow the instructions below to activate your DO Day background during the conference.

To download the DO Day Zoom background shown below, open the image in a new tab and click to save it to your device. If using a desktop computer, open the image and left click to drag to your desktop.

After you’ve downloaded your background, follow the steps outlined in the video below to apply the background in Zoom:

  1. First, make sure you enable virtual backgrounds by going to “Settings” at zoom.us in a web browser.
  2. Once enabled, open Zoom on your desktop or browser.
  3. Join or create a new meeting.
  4. Once in the meeting, look to the bottom left corner to find the option labeled “Stop Video,” but don’t click it. Instead, click the small upward arrow, “^,” to the right of the button and select the option to “Choose virtual background.”
  5. In the next window, add your DO Day background by clicking the  “+” on the right side of the video screen. This will give you the option to upload your own background into Zoom.
  6. Select the DO Day background image and click Open.


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