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Osteopathic Advocacy Network

On the Frontline

Grassroots advocacy tailored for you

You have the power to help shape the future of osteopathic medicine. Select a level of engagement to customize your involvement at the grassroots level.

The AOA is working on your behalf every day, but you are the best advocate for the osteopathic profession and your elected officials must hear from you. Your experience and knowledge can help guide lawmakers to craft impactful legislation for you and your patients. For more information on how you can help strengthen the physician workforce and provide better care, please take a look at our advocacy toolkit. 

We’ve developed three levels of engagement, allowing you to customize your involvement at the grassroots level.

Level 1: Become an Advocate

You want to stay informed about legislative activity that impacts the profession and help spread the word about advocacy initiatives. By becoming an Advocate, you agree to:

  • Read the DO Engage
  • Take action on at least one advocacy alert
  • Recruit colleagues by promoting advocacy via social media

Level 2: Become a Partner

You want to stay fully engaged on breaking policy developments and are willing to represent your profession at in-person and virtual events. By becoming a Partner, you agree to:

  • Engage at the “Advocate” level, plus
  • Elect to receive grassroots updates via text message
  • Attend town halls for federal lawmakers

Level 3: Become an Ambassador

Working at our highest level of grassroots engagement, you communicate directly with lawmakers to raise awareness of osteopathic medicine and enact meaningful change. By becoming an Ambassador, you agree to:

  • Engage at the “Advocate” and “Partner” levels, plus
  • Attend DO Day on Capitol Hill
  • Meet with your lawmakers and staff in their district offices
  • Establish relationships with your lawmakers and staff

Ready to get started?

Visit our Online Advocacy Center to select your desired level of grassroots engagement.

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