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Geraldine O’Shea, DO


Photo of Geraldine O’Shea, DO

Geraldine T. O’Shea, DO
Jackson, California

Geraldine T. O’Shea, DO, an osteopathic internist from Jackson, California, has been medical director of the Foothills Women’s Medical Center in Jackson, California, since 1998.

Dr. O’Shea currently serves on the AOA’s Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and Strategic Planning Committee, and is chair of the AOA’s Department of Business Affairs. Last year, Dr. O’Shea participated in the same committees while serving as chair of the AOA’s Department of Professional Affairs. Prior to that, she was chair of the Department of Research and Development, which oversaw the five task force initiatives in public health. In the 2014-2015 cycle, Dr. O’Shea served the AOA as first vice president and vice chair of the Department of Education. In her first year on the board, she served the AOA as second vice president, liaison to the Bureau of Socioeconomic Affairs and member of the Bureau of State Affiliate Concerns.

As past president of the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California (OPSC), Dr. O’Shea was chair of the California delegation to the AOA’s House of Delegates between 2006 and 2014. She was honored to receive the OPSC’s Lifetime Achievement Award in February 2012.

Additionally, Dr. O’Shea has served since 2009 on the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, where she is currently on the Executive Committee as secretary/treasurer. She also is past president of the American Association of Osteopathic Medical Examiners.

Dr. O’Shea is a graduate of the Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific in Pomona, California, as is her husband, Mark E. Eastman, DO, and their daughter, Amelia S. Eastman, DO.​

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