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Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation COCA Travel

COCA Travel

For COCA Evaluators

Submitting your COCA travel expenses

Follow these steps to track receipts & submit your expense report

As a COCA site evaluator, you will likely travel on behalf of the commission to complete site visits at colleges of osteopathic medicine across the nation. The following information is intended to guide you through the process of documenting and submitting your trip expenses for reimbursement.

Please note, all expenses should be submitted to COCA staff no more than two weeks after a site visit concludes.

Remember to keep all itemized receipts during the duration of your trip and/or take photos of your receipts so they are stored on your phone for easy submission. Pro Tip: AmTrav offers an expense report feature via their website and app where where you can upload your receipts and create a mock-up expense report. You will still need to fill out the expense voucher provided by COCA Staff, however, the expense report feature in AmTrav can be a valuable tool to make creating your report easier.

Entering receipts in AmTrav

Follow the steps outlined below to keep track of your travel receipts and generate an expense report in Amtrav.

Step #1: Log into AmTrav: https://a2b.amtrav.com/

Step #2: From the left-side menu in AmTrav, select the “Expense Reports” option under the “See” section.

Step #3: Select “Start Report” under “My Expense Reports.”

Step#4: A box should appear on your screen asking for a “Report Title.” Please use the COM name as the report title.

Step #5: You should now see a blank expense report.

Step #6: Under “Inbox” in the Expense Report section, select +Add to upload copies of your receipts.

Step #7: After uploading your receipts, you will be able to drag each receipt over to the designated slot in the expense report, as shown below.

Step #8: As a final step, you have the option to “Download Report” or “Email Report” and save to your files.

Completing your expense voucher

Please follow the steps outlined below for submitting your expense voucher.

Step #1: Always enter your name & address in the top right corner. The address entered here should match the address submitted on your direct deposit form when you first became an evaluator. If this address has changed, please contact Wonda Montgomery at predoc@osteopathic.org to have the finance department update your info.

Step #2: Submit all expense vouchers to predoc@osteopathic.org (you may also cc your Team Secretary).

Step #3: Remember to fill out the COM name, location and date of site visit. Make sure you enter the appropriate number of days for the honorarium. (Note: The honorarium includes travel days, plus days on site).

Step #4: Make sure all sections of the expense voucher (e.g., meals, transportation, honorarium) are filled out properly. The total expense should be entered in the yellow highlighted box shown above, not under the section title. Additionally, please ensure all section totals are included in the final total reimbursement box.

Step #5: Finally, please ensure you have all receipts for each expense. The Expense Voucher and all receipts should be in a single PDF document when submitted to the COCA for reimbursement.

Step #6:  Expense forms must be signed.

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