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Standardized Life Support Courses

2022-24 Guide to CME

Earn CME for completing or teaching coursework in standardized life support

Find out how much credit you can receive for completing or teaching a standardized life support course.

If a physician submits a certificate of completion for a standardized life support course, the amount of CME indicated on the certificate will be recognized by the AOA. In cases where the certificate of completion does not list a specific number of credits, CME will be awarded per the categories listed below.

Diplomates who teach a standardized life support course and submit a certificate or teaching log will earn CME credits on an hour-for-hour basis. In cases where the certificate or teaching log does not contain a specified amount a maximum of ten (10) CME credits may be awarded per calendar year.

Standardized Life Support Course CME Credit
Course name Provider course Refresher course Instructor course Teaching a course
Adult Fundamentals of Critical Care Support 13 8 13 10
Advanced Burn Life Support 7 7 4.5 10
Advanced Cardiac Life Support 12 6 8 10
Advanced Disaster Life Support 15.5 15.5 4 10
Advanced HAZMAT Life Support 24 24 31 10
Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics 17 8 9 10
Advanced Trauma Life Support 17 8 11 10
Basic Disaster Life Support 7.5 7.5 7.5 10
Basic Life Support 4 2 8 10
Neonatal Resuscitation Program 12 4 6 10
Pediatric Advanced Life Support (AHA) or Advanced Pediatric Life Support (AAP) 14 8 9 10
Pediatric Fundamentals of Critical Care Life Support 13 8 13 10
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