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Strategic Plan

Redefining the future

AOA Strategic Plan charts pathway to innovation and collaboration

Mission, vision and value statements define the AOA's purpose and outlook for the osteopathic profession.

In April 2021, the AOA launched a bold new Strategic Plan, which will guide our work in service of our members and the osteopathic profession throughout the next five years.

The culmination of a nine-month planning process informed through virtual focus groups and membership survey findings, the new Strategic Plan sets the AOA on a path to redefine, redirect and revitalize the impact of the organization within the osteopathic profession and in the lives of the 151,000 osteopathic physicians and medical students in the U.S.

In addition to identifying seven priority objectives and supporting strategies for implementation, the Strategic Plan establishes the following Mission and Vision Statements that redefine the AOA’s purpose, values and outlook for our members and profession.


The AOA is the professional home for osteopathic physicians and students, providing education, board certification and is the champion of the advancement of the distinctive osteopathic profession.


The AOA aspires to be the “North Star” of the osteopathic profession by advancing the interests of osteopathic physicians and students and promoting excellence in patient care consistent with the distinctive osteopathic philosophy.

Value Statements

The plan also outlines the following seven Value Statements, which will guide implementation of the plan’s objectives and strategies:

  • Selfless Service: The AOA exists in service to the profession, its members, current and future osteopathic physicians.
  • Integrity: The AOA and its leaders display integrity in action, word and deed.
  • Transparency: The AOA respects those it serves through open communication and transparency.
  • Innovation: The AOA strives to build the box, not live within its confines.
  • Advocacy: The AOA passionately advocates for the osteopathic profession and the patients our members serve.
  • Collaboration: The AOA empowers the osteopathic community through collaboration and common interests with all whom we serve.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The AOA commits to creating and sustaining a community that promotes and values diversity, equity and inclusion.

Guided by this plan, the AOA enters the future with a renewed commitment toward ensuring the growth and success of the osteopathic profession.

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