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MSUCOM Craniosacral Techniques: Part III

July 13, 2018 - July 17, 2018

Prerequisites: Principles of Manual Medicine, Craniosacral Techniques: Part I and II

The course objectives are: 1) To assess fascial restrictions throughout the body by assessing the CRI throughout the body; 2) To diagnose the restrictions in #1 by utilizing the CRI as a treatment modality; 3) To assess the emotional component of musculoskeletal restrictions; 4) To utilize the CRI via focused tissue unwinding techniques and Becker’s Fulcrum Techniques to assess and treat myofascial disorders; 5) To evaluate and diagnose complex musculoskeletal injury patterns utilizing tissue memory and major vectors of injury; 6) To begin to consider the bioenergy field of the human body and appreciate it’s interconnection with and influence on the physical body in health and disease; and 7) To begin to apply the inherent tissue motion in the diagnosis and treatment of strain patterns in the trunk and extremities.

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