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Event Sponsor: American Osteopathic College of Radiology

Live Webinar – Head & Neck Cancer Staging

This webinar will review: Key cervical lymph node anatomic planes and landmarks Cervical lymph node levels and differences in various head and neck cancer staging This activity has been designed to assist in improving oncology patient care by providing clinically significant information, resulting in more accurate staging of head and neck neoplasms.


Live Webinar – BIRADS 3: To Follow or Not To Follow? That is the Question

Webinar Objectives: • Classify appropriate and inappropriate indications for assigning a mammographic imaging finding BI-RADS 3, probably benign • Discuss the trend of assigning imaging findings as probably benign with the institution of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) • Describe imaging features and outcomes of probably benign breast findings on magnetic resonance imaging • Discuss common … Read More


Update in Lung Cancer Screening

This activity has been designed to cover the new outcomes and treatment data in the TNM 8th Edition Staging System for lung cancer. Physicians will be able to use proper terms and anatomy for lung cancer staging after completion.


Tips & Tricks with Tiny PICCs: Vascular Access & Challenges in the Pediatric Patient

This lecture will address knowledge deficits by sharing commonly used equipment, devices and techniques used for vascular access at one of the nations largest pediatric centers. We will review decision algorithms that assist in device selection, placement, prevention of complications and management of complications.


MR Imaging of the Rotator Cuff

After viewing this recording, learners will: Have increased knowledge of the MRI rotator cuff appearance when evaluating MRI shoulder cases Be able to better identify the pertinent imaging findings and pathology and improve patient outcomes


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Improve Radiologist Reporting Quality & Efficiency

This webinar has been designed to inform attendees of emerging technology and applications of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning that can improve their clinical consultations through improved radiology reports and clinician understanding of said reports.


GU Cases You Need to Know

After completing this activity, learners will: Have a better understanding of the significance and identification of traumatic abdominal injuries on CT. Be able to make the diagnosis of complex ascites and sentinel clot on CT


GI Cases You Can’t Miss

This webinar has been designed to improve diagnostic accuracy of GI urgent/significant diagnosis by: Increasing understanding of the significant diagnosis of hepatobiliary & gastrointestinal pathology Increasing understanding of the significant inflammatory pancreatic pathology


Ectopic Pregnancy: Rings, Rules and the Role of US

Webinar Objectives: • To recognize the appearance, timing and order of the sonographic findings which may be seen in early intrauterine pregnancy • Recognize the sonographic findings of tubal ectopic pregnancy and sonographic and clinical criteria for appropriate management • Identify the appearance of the more unusual locations of ectopic pregnancy which may be mistaken … Read More