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Topic: Practice Management

Medical Practice Operations – Business Fundamentals 101 – 8 Module Webinar Series w/book

This series of educational modules will offer clinicians deep insight into the business of healthcare, arming attendees with a granular understanding of medical practice operations, finances, and compensation. The series will consist of nine (on-demand) modules that will delve into the aspects of medical practice operations and management consisting of clinician employment opportunities, practice finances, … Read More


The COVID Pause is over – How to prepare for the coming audits

This webinar will address the important preparation needed to prevent or defend audits from third party payors like Medicare. Learn the impact of medical records requests on both audits and revocations, provider’s affirmative obligations under the 60-day rule, and the general process for both federal and commercial audits. Ongoing compliance for other areas, such as … Read More


COVID-19 Related Employment Matters – FREE Webinar

The ADA has restrictions on when and how much medical information an employer may obtain from any employee. Are you following them? This free CME webinar will cover: • Developments related to President Biden’s Covid-19 action plan • Vaccination requirements in healthcare settings and difficult questions that remain • Navigating accommodations for medical conditions or … Read More


ICD-10 Changes for FY2022

The ICD-10-CM code changes for FY2022 have been announced and are in effect. Using the proper medical coding ensures that insurers have all the diagnostic codes required for appropriate payment. Learn the FY 22 updates that went into effect October 2021 during this webinar, which will discuss the changes in codes by category, suggested documentation … Read More


Merging Practices – Marriages Made in Heaven or Hell?

This webinar covers practical strategies to manage a successful merger. Consolidation of medical practices is on the rise. The move can reduce overhead, increase power in contracting, and allow for the ability to recruit new partners and retire existing ones. But, like a marriage, good communication and shared values between the parties are key to … Read More


Cultural Competency: Guard Against Implicit Bias in Patient Care

This webinar will discuss implicit biases, unconscious attitudes and stereotypes, and the negative impact these can have on healthcare. It will provide strategies to protect against implicit biases that can affect how one patient is treated over another. Negative patient outcomes can result in professional negligence allegations and liability.


Winding Down Your Practice : Strategies for a Successful Retirement


HCCs and Your Bottom Line: Think DRGs All Over Again

Risk-adjusted reimbursement is an integral part of value-based reimbursement and other financial models. Physicians need to understand the impact to their practice for choosing to ignore these new models or choosing to go through a process of change. Todd Husty DO will provide real world insight into over coding and under coding and show the … Read More


You Wrote What? Documenting with the Patient in Mind

Physician notes are easier to access due to advances in electronic health records and meaningful use requirements. Since patients have the right to view their medical records, how should this affect a physician’s documentation? Dr. Michael Brown will show how he has been using an open notes system successfully for the last several years and … Read More