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The Still-Hildreth Sanatorium and the Future of Osteopathic Psychiatry

February 6, 2021

The Still-Hildreth Sanatorium was established by two of AT Still’s sons and AG Hildreth, DO for the osteopathic management of psychiatric disorders. Operating between 1914 and 1968, it incorporated many different treatment approaches, including OMM. This set of talks explores the history and management approaches of the SHS, research into its surviving case reports, and what the future of osteopathic psychiatry could involve.

Leslie Ching, DO, course director; Teodor Huzij DO, FACN; and Jason Haxton, MA, DO (h.c.)

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American Academy of Osteopathy

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February 6, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST

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3 AOA Category 1-A


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