Public Policy

Make a difference: Join the Osteopathic Advocacy Network

By AOA Staff


As osteopathic physicians and students, your voice is crucial in shaping healthcare policy, which is why we need you to join the Osteopathic Advocacy Network (OAN) today. Through the OAN, you will engage in impactful advocacy efforts and stay informed on key issues that impact you and your patients. Additionally, each month, OAN members will have access to participate in our monthly public policy roundtable webinars, where AOA public policy staff, subject matter experts and your peers provide updates on federal, state and international policies. The recent session was highly informative, covering several critical updates and discussions, including:

  • Federal rulemaking activity: An overview of the recently finalized rule banning noncompete clauses in employment contracts, with a focus on the implications for physicians moving forward.
  • HHS non-discrimination rules: An update on the newly finalized HHS rules related to non-discrimination in health care programs.
  • State advocacy update: Key developments at the state level affecting osteopathic medicine.
  • DO Day on Capitol Hill recap: A summary of our advocacy efforts and achievements during this important event.

Be sure to watch the recording to stay informed about how these topics impact you and your patients. Your engagement and support are vital as we continue to advocate for policies that benefit the osteopathic profession and our patients.