AOA engages in ongoing grassroots advocacy for medical student parity

By AOA staff


This is the third in a series of Student Parity Advocacy Updates shared with the osteopathic medical profession. The message is attributable to AOA President Ira P. Monka, DO, and AOA CEO Kathleen S. Creason, MBA.

Though the osteopathic medical profession continues to grow larger and stronger with each passing year, DOs and osteopathic medical students still occasionally encounter professional barriers related to training, licensure and credentialing. The AOA works continuously to eliminate these obstacles by educating GME stakeholders and advancing equal access to opportunities for DOs and MDs.

We previously shared outcomes of the Student Parity Summit, as well as our collaborative work with partnering osteopathic organizations to advocate for student parity initiatives. In addition to these activities, the AOA engages in ongoing grassroots advocacy to help ensure equitable treatment for all members of the osteopathic medical profession.

We encourage members of the AOA who are facing professional barriers that impact access to training, licensure and credentialing to send us an email. Our team uses this feedback to advocate more effectively on behalf of the profession in areas that include:

  • Residencies and fellowships
  • Audition rotations
  • Universal acceptance of COMLEX

In one recent instance, advocacy by the AOA prompted a prominent school of medicine to reverse a decision that excluded an osteopathic physician from applying for a microsurgery and craniofacial fellowship. Following outreach by the AOA, the school rectified the situation and clarified existing policies with staff to ensure equal access for DOs and MDs.

This is just one example of the work being done each and every day on behalf of osteopathic medical students and physicians. Together, we are making a difference. We look forward to future wins as we continue to champion osteopathic medicine and pave the way for the next generation of DOs.