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By Bureau of Emerging Leaders


Thank you to everyone who participated in our AOA App discussion board posts from the last edition of our newsletter. In keeping with the theme of mentorship from those posts, but also looking towards advocacy and leadership, Julieanne Sees, DO, provides the following message:

Julieanne Sees, DO

Saint Mother Teresa said it best, “To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.” We are blessed with tremendous gifts, talents, people, experiences, love, and friendship. Among those dearest to my heart is our DO Family! I give back to keep the light shining brilliantly for You – the Brilliantly Bright BEL, Inspiring Osteopathic Young Physicians and Osteopathic Student Doctors!

Advice: Going into the world, be the best You! What has always been truth for me goes back to when as a lifeguard the pure JOY in being simply a beacon. At that time it was being blessed with the privilege to teach someone who was unable to survive in the deep end of the pool (whether it be a little kid, a petrified adult, or anyone with a disability/special needs), where through sincere connection, resilience, and truest trust, the unthinkable is accomplished… no more drowning, not only surviving, but thriving!

Swimming off into the sunset of life, and knowing my mere attention spreads light beyond my reach for another person’s life and beyond! 

Opportunity: To live the mission of your brilliant life holistically is priceless! I mean, logistically, you paid for it, own it, and know, as I can attest, it’s incredible value beyond price, and make it your own with your precious mind, body, and spirit, particularly when partnering with multi-disciplinary scholars who may not have been fortunate to have your foundation and lens to see the world. With gracious humility bring your osteopathic province and principles to the nation through your leadership, healthcare delivery and each day’s action. Live each day as an example of what an osteopathic physician should be, such a Beautiful thing and a Fabulous JOY!

Action: All of us, no matter where we are in the osteopathic family tree, impacts health; one person at a time on the ground, one voice at a time in health policy, and one ripple at a time being in the ocean of humanity on this planet. You are in our world among the brightest of beacons, sharing light beyond what we can see as our reach. Osteopathic recognition and principles are genuinely spreading through the nation and health care. Whether it is in clinical care, business or education, people are seeking out our values.

To echo remarks recently shared at our AOA DO Day 2023 Distinctive in Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Conference, “If God didn’t smile on our country (USA), we would have been toast a long time ago!” – Charlie Cook, Sunday Keynote Speaker, DO Day 2023. It is our privilege, call and honor, being so graced as members born into the premier professional family, the American Osteopathic Association.

Don’t let others claim to think holistically, rather leverage our truth, our pledge, our family tree and, with all your beating heart, warm hands, and sensational soul: be true, be enthused, and be DOProud! 

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