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Looking Forward

BEL Workgroup Updates: October 2022

The AOA Bureau of Emerging Leaders represents the interests of osteopathic medical students, residents and new physicians.

By Bureau of Emerging Leaders


The AOA’s Bureau of Emerging Leaders (BEL) represents the interests of osteopathic medical students, residents, fellows, and new physicians in practice. Read on for the latest updates on recent actions of the BEL.


By Tim Beals, DO, 2021-2022 Workgroup Chair

This edition marks the completion of our first year with a new format for our Looking Forward newsletter. We hope you have enjoyed the peer-created articles and informational links and understand the value the American Osteopathic Association can provide in your education, training, and career. With new students established on campus, and OMED around the corner, it seemed appropriate to focus on the community and mentorship that is central to our Osteopathic family.


By Ryan L. Williamson, OMS IV, 2021-2022 Workgroup Chair

With fall on the horizon, it is a great time to look back at the hard work this past year’s BEL Resolutions Workgroup has completed. After fielding advice and questions from our constituents, we were able to draft House Resolution H-217 Equality in Away Rotations/Sub-Internships for Osteopathic Medical Students. This was brought to the 2022 AOA House of Delegates (HOD) and Approved as Amended. This was a major policy win for the continued fight for equality and equal representation of our future osteopathic physicians.

As we look to the coming year, we are eager to here from our constituents, or other affiliate groups regarding areas they feel should be addressed in the form of AOA House Policy. If you or any of your colleagues are aware of something affecting Osteopathic Medical Students, Resident Physicians, or New Physicians in Practice, please feel free to reach out to our BEL team so we can begin the resolution drafting process. It is our hope to have drafts in place before Spring 2023 to ensure timely editing and feedback before submission to the AOA Board of Trustees for their approval prior to the next HOD.

View a summary of 2022 HOD policies recently passed that affect our BEL Constituents.

For reference to H-217 and all other AOA HOD 2022 Policies, view the entire list of resolutions and actions.


David Shumway, DO, 2021-2022 Workgroup Chair

The scholarship committee is finishing strong with plans to review and award scholarships for attendance at OMED. The application is now closed and we have a full crop of applicants to evaluate. We hope to send some wonderful resident/fellows to OMED this year that otherwise would not have been able to go.

On a personal note, I just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved with the scholarship committee this year, and thank you especially for giving me the opportunity to lead a work group on my first appointment to the BEL. It’s been a fantastic year and I’m looking forward to seeing y’all at OMED.