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Upcoming webinar June 10: Updating your partnership/shareholder/buy-sell agreements

By AOA Staff


The next AOA/AOIA webinar will be broadcast on Wednesday, June 10 at 7 p.m. CT.

Consultants are frequently called in when a crisis occurs, for example sudden death, disability, or departure of a physician and to review existing agreements. The buy/sell agreement the doctors signed many years ago may be vague, contain outdated values for buy-in/buy-outs or none at all, key person insurance may be missing, income distribution formulas may be sowing seeds of discontent or the group is suddenly faced with an untimely departure of a revenue producing doctor and also a steep buy-out. Understanding your agreement is essential.

  • Topics covered will include:
    • Why yearly strategic planning meetings are essential
    • Income distribution formula – Does this currently reflect productivity/fairness?
    • Expense share agreement formulas – Why some can game the system for low/high producers
    • Senior perks – Do the junior partners agree?
    • Dropping call – What age, what is the worth?
    • Dropping surgery/going to part time – Should the doctor remain a partner?
    • Buy/sell formulas – Do they reflect current trends in Goodwill, A/R and tangible assets?
    • Death & disability – What are the formulas for responsibility for overhead and buy out?
    • Key person and business overhead insurance – why you may need these.
    • Age/decline in skills/impairment/mandatory physicals/counseling – Should your group have these provisions?
    • Ethics/conflicts of interest/principles of practice/compliance – Should you put these in agreements?

To receive 1 credit of AOA Category 2B CME credit, you must:

  • Attend the live webinar
  • Complete the post-evaluation by June 24, 2020

To register, please visit AOA Online Learning.