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Strengthen your leadership and advocacy skills at LEAD 2020

By AOA Staff


LEAD 2020 will take place Feb. 27-28 in Manalapan, Florida. The conference offers up to 10 AOA Category 1-A CME credits, customized learning tracks and breakout sessions in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

Members of the osteopathic professional family—including students, postdoctoral trainees and attending physicians—will come together at the conference to focus on leadership and advocacy.

CNN Senior Political Analyst Ron Brownstein will be LEAD’s keynote speaker on Feb. 27. Brownstein, who is also a senior editor at The Atlantic and a two-time finalist for the Pulitzer, will provide attendees with thought-provoking insight and analysis on the intersection of politics, policy and health care.

LEAD stands for Leadership, Education, Advocacy & Development and is designed for anyone interested in being a more active and effective leader in the osteopathic profession. The conference is a great complement to DO Day on Capitol Hill.

Mingle with the following professionals at LEAD 2020:

AOA Trustees and past presidents;
Osteopathic affiliate leaders;
Medical students, postdoctoral trainees and practicing physicians;
Medical educators, administrators and regulators;
DMEs and DIOs; and,
Health system administrators.

Register for LEAD now to take advantage of Early Bird rates.

For more info, see the preliminary LEAD 2020 agenda. Find past LEAD materials and agendas here.