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Category: On Demand

Rational Imaging to Assess Pulmonary Embolism

This on-demand course will help participants: Appreciate the scope of pulmonary thromboembolic disease Understand the basis for the PIOPED group’s reports and recommendations Be able to explain the different clinical decision support tools for pulmonary embolism risk stratification Recognize the controversy in CTEPH imaging


Pancreatitis-What’s New

This on-demand course will: Briefly review ACR guidelines for appropriate imaging strategies Discuss Acute Pancreatitis, including revised Atlanta Working Group classification, and a discussion of imaging reporting implications in management and outcomes (CT Severity Index – Balthazar)


Non-accidental Trauma

Topics of this on-demand course include: History Epidemiology Skeletal trauma Recent controversy regarding vitamin D


New Paradigm of Radiology Practice

This on-demand course will look at a pathway to the creation of a sustainable business model.


MRI of Anterior Knee Pain

This on-demand course will help participants: Review the MRI findings of the differential diagnosis for anterior knee pain Better understand the evaluation of cartilage within the patellofemoral joint Review key measurements when evaluating patella dislocation Understand areas of impingement in the anterior knee that may result in pain


Interventions for the General Radiologist

This on-demand course will provide a review of most common IR procedures: Biopsies – Abdominal (random solid organ core vs. targeted lesion), lung, bone, etc. Para/Thoracentesis Drainage catheters – Infection (abscesses, pleural drains, etc.) Angiography – Bleeders, diagnostic


Imaging of CNS Infections

This on-demand course will help participants: Identify CNS infectious agents in a variety of clinical settings Recognize imaging patterns for common CNS infections in immunocompetent & immunosuppressed hosts Discuss differential considerations for CNS infections


How Thick is too Thick? CT GI

This on-demand course will help participants: Understand and identify bowel wall thickening Recognize signs of carcinoma Recognize pneumatosis colitis


Breaking the Abdomen Badly

This on-demand course will help participants: Understand AAST grades for abdominal injury Recognize complex ascites Recognize a sentinel clot