Student Doctors Preparing for Residency Interview Policies for the AOA Match

Interview Policies for the AOA Match

By the book

As you navigate the AOA Match, here are the rules to keep in mind.

During the Match process, students and institutions can express interest, but not make commitments.

Students and institutions may express their interest in each other and may discuss their expected rankings of each other. Institutions may inform their most preferred applicants that they are in a favored position, and students may similarly inform their most preferred programs. However, institutions and students must not make statements implying or requesting a commitment, and must not pressure each other to reveal their ranking intentions. Although institutions or students may volunteer how they plan to rank each other, they must not request such information. Volunteered information must be limited to “very likely”, “likely”, or “unlikely” to be ranked in a preferred position.

Students and institutions must not make any verbal or written commitments or contracts for appointment prior to the release of the Match results. Any such verbal or written commitments are non-binding and have no effect on the Match. Institutions shall not impose or enforce local requirements in an attempt to subvert the fair application of these rules. Institutions violating Match rules by requesting ranking information from students, or by requiring students to make verbal or written commitments or contracts before the release of the Match results, may be sanctioned by the AOA and prohibited from recruiting in the subsequent Match. The AOA encourages residency directors to evaluate the implementation of teleconferencing for GME interviewing in order to allow for equal access to applicants regardless of socioeconomic status.

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