Residents Training Recognition Trainee Forms & Applications

Trainee Forms & Applications

AOA training recognition

For DOs who completed ACGME, federal or military training programs

Access the forms you'll need to obtain AOA recognition of ACGME, federal, or military residency training.

Note: AOA-accredited training programs are transitioning to ACGME accreditation between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2020 as part of an agreement between the AOA, ACGME and AACOM that’s creating a single accreditation system for graduate medical education program in the U.S. Learn more.

The AOA currently recognizes ACGME training as AOA training to allow DOs to become board eligible in their respective specialties and for licensure in two states (Florida and Pennsylvania) that require an OGME-1 year. Note that in Michigan and Oklahoma, the requirement of an AOA-approved internship for osteopathic medical licensure is no longer in effect. In addition, if a DO is transferring from an ACGME program to an AOA residency program, the DO must have an approved OGME-1 year before entering the program.

To obtain AOA recognition of ACGME training, you must be an AOA member in good standing. You can renew your membership and  update your contact info online or by contacting the AOA Customer Resource Center.

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