Resident Physicians Training Recognition Recognition of PGY2+

Recognition of PGY2+

Step-by-step guide

For DOs who completed non-AOA residency or fellowship training

By providing documentation from your residency or fellowship program, you can obtain AOA recognition for ACGME training.

If you completed your residency or fellowship training in an ACGME-accredited program you’ll need to obtain AOA training recognition if you plan to become AOA board certified. The process differs slightly depending on whether you are seeking recognition for residency training or fellowship training.

The three-step process is outlined below.

1. Review Residency vs. Fellowship requirements

If you’re seeking recognition for an ACGME residency program, you must have either:

  • Completed an osteopathic internship but selected an ACGME residency; or
  • Completed an ACGME-accredited PGY1 or military PGY1 and received recognition from the AOA.

If you’re seeking recognition for an ACGME fellowship program, you must have:

  • Completed PGY1 and residency training, and obtained AOA recognition for both.
  • Successfully completed an ACGME-accredited fellowship.

2. Submit an application for training recognition

After verifying that you’ve met the Residency or Fellowship requirements listed above, the next step of applying for training recognition is submitting the online application or AOA recognition of PGY2 and Fellowship training.

3. Ask your program to submit an official verification letter

Your PGY2+ residency or fellowship training verification letter must be submitted by your program directly to the AOA. The letter must also:

  • Be written on institutional letterhead and include the date and the training program’s 10-digit accreditation number.

  • List your specialty, along with the exact start and end dates of your residency or fellowship training.

  • Include the title and signature of the program director or designated institutional officer.

Verification letters that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted. The AOA only recognizes training that has been successfully completed. Letters received and/or dated before the program is officially completed will not be accepted. To learn more, view a sample letter.

Resolution 56

For more information about how ABMS boarded DOs can become certified through Resolution 56, refer to Resolution 56 Certification Eligibility for ABMS-Certified DOs.

Please submit information to:
American Osteopathic Association
142 E. Ontario St.
Chicago, IL 60611-2864

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