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Chronic Diseases & Conditions

These projects examine the effect of osteopathic medicine on the prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment of chronic diseases and conditions.

Participants may claim up to two credits of AOA Category 2-B CME by viewing ePosters. To claim this credit and receive a certificate, the participant must complete and submit a separate attestation form to [email protected].

Training osteopathic medical students for drastic 2021 health record documentation policy changes

PI: Michael J. Warner, DO, CPC, CPCO, CPMA, AAPC Fellow
Poster #: C73

Perspectives on healthcare decisions and total joint arthroplasty from the southside of San Antonio, a majority minority region

PI: Katelyn Jane Franck, OMS III
Poster #: C31

Virtual shared medical appointments for veterans with type II diabetes - a resident-driven quality improvement pilot project

PI: Trevor G. Archibald, DO
Poster #: C42

Intralymphatic histiocytosis: an unusual presentation

PI: Timothy J. Blackwell, OMS IV
Poster #: C3

Characterizing the adverse events associated with the treatment of Toxoplasma infections using the FDA adverse event reporting system (FAERS)

PI: Ahmed Maher Shammaa, OMS II
Poster #: C11


Evaluation of the emergency department management of children with diabetic ketoacidosis

PI: Alyssa Marian DaVolio, OMS IV
Poster #: C14

COVID-19 and obesity in younger adults: a systematic literature review

PI: Emma Michelle Griffith, OMS IV
Poster #: B15

Efficacy of green tea consumption on weight loss and maintenance: a meta-analysis

PI: Kaiming Tan, OMS II
Poster #: B20

Physical function over the treatment period of three randomized controlled phase III trials of subcutaneous tanezumab in patients with osteoarthritis

PI: Steven P. Stanos, DO
Poster #: C21

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in infant with negative SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR and antibodies

PI: Karly Derwitz, OMS IV
Poster #: C26

Traumatic falls, comorbid diseases, hospital stays and discharge: does a disease make the difference?

PI: Samuel Gregerson, OMS IV
Poster #: C35

Eating disorder education in medical students

PI: Jenna Marie Guma, OMS IV
Poster #: C1

Females with young onset Parkinson’s disease: a forgotten demographic? An investigational inquiry of health and social factors

PI: Laura Ketigian, OMS III
Poster #: C41

Understanding the patient population of a student-run free clinic: a retrospective chart review

PI: Sobiah Khan, OMS III
Poster #: C61

Evaluation of the diabetic ketoacidosis management in the critically ill children and adolescents

PI: Mackenzie Dreher, OMS IV, MPH
Poster #: C75

Lack of vaccination coverage in the patient population of a student-run free clinic

PI: Sobiah Khan, OMS III
Poster #: C66

Comparison of no bacteria reported on microscopic urinalysis and culture proven group B streptococcal bacteriuria in a pregnancy population

PI: Maeve Gleason, DO
Poster #: C64

The usefulness of radiograph in assisting diagnosis of COVID-19

PI: Zachary Brennan, OMS II
Poster #: B63

Evolving from the ABCDEs of early melanoma detection: a case series utilizing pigmented lesion assays and non-invasive imaging to minimize biopsies

PI: Moshe Y. Bressler, OMS IV
Poster #: C76

Sequence and structural analysis of kinases in the mTOR pathway to evaluate their function involved in SARS-CoV-2 replication

PI: Taylor Barr, OMS II
Poster #: B37

Implications and significance of mercury in rice

PI: Tracee Guthrie, OMS I
Poster #: H24

Investigation of intensity dependent transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) used in the therapy for cerebellar ataxia: an in vivo approach

PI: Prakshal Jain, OMS II
Poster #: B30

Brain and skull interactions in Polish crested chickens as a model for hydrocephalus

PI: Scott Matthew Landman, OMS-II
Poster #: C52

Does chronic stress affect fertility and survival rate among laboratory mice and their offspring?

PI: Lindsey Leggett, OMS III
Poster #: C33

Quantitative assessment of human perivascular adipocyte tissue phenotype

PI: Cathleen Huang, OMS III
Poster #: B49

Mutation of polycystin in ADPKD is implicated in aberrant skeletal muscle phenotype in zebrafish

PI: Alissa Frances Schurr, OMS III, AMS
Poster #: B45

Heat shock protein regulation of intestinal glucose transport: mechanism to prevent obesity

PI: Nicole Eck, OMS II
Poster #: C44

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