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Postdoctoral Training Standards

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The AOA provides the following basic standards and inspection workbooks for postdoctoral training programs as a valued resource for the osteopathic medical community. Information is organized by specialty college, with internship standards listed separately.

These documents are officially submitted by the specialty colleges and have been approved by the Education Councils and AOA Board of Trustees. The AOA does not cross-check documents posted on specialty college websites.

The Basic Documents for Postdoctoral Training​​ is the comprehensive document governing all aspects of AOA-approved postdoctoral training requirements. You may also view OGME years to completion by specialty​​​​.​​​


Disclaimer: AOA training standards are proposed by the specialty college, with review and approval by the Council on Postdoctoral Training, the Bureau of Osteopathic Education and the AOA Board of Trustees. Every effort is made to allow public review of proposed policy changes. Editorial changes may be made in standards at any time. In the event that urgent policy changes are necessary, notification is included in the COPT Newsletter, which has a broad distribution to the OGME community.

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