Specialty: Radiology

Live Webinar – Ectopic Pregnancy: Rings, Rules and the Role of US

This live webinar will help attendees: To recognize the appearance, timing and order of the sonographic findings which may be seen in early intrauterine pregnancy Recognize the sonographic findings of tubal ectopic pregnancy and sonographic and clinical criteria for appropriate management Identify the appearance of the more unusual locations of ectopic pregnancy which may be … Read More


2019 Emergency Medicine Review

The objective of the 2019 Emergency Medicine Review is to enhance the knowledge of emergency care providers, thereby improving patient care in the emergency department as well as in the private office setting. Participants in this program will become aware of new updates in emergency medicine treatment and practice, and gain a better understanding of … Read More


Avoid Confusion by Using Fusion: Nuclear Medicine for the Diagnosis of Indeterminate Abdominal Lesions

This webinar will review the mechanisms of many nuclear medicine radiopharmaceuticals and the imaging findings of many common lesions on nuclear medicine scintigraphy. Attendees also will practice identifying routine clinical scenarios in which nuclear medicine may aid lesion characterization. After attending this webinar, attendees should be able to: List the indications, strengths, and weaknesses of … Read More


GI Cases You Can’t Miss

This webinar has been designed to improve diagnostic accuracy of GI urgent/significant diagnosis by: Increasing understanding of the significant diagnosis of hepatobiliary & gastrointestinal pathology. Increasing understanding of the significant inflammatory pancreatic pathology.


Bone Scan Basics

By the end of this lecture, participants should be able to describe: Basic physiology of diphosphonate nuclear bone scan. Basic approach to protocolling bone scans based on clinical scenario. Relevant anatomy and changes in radiotracer distribution to develop a brief relevant differential diagnosis and recommend next best workup step, if appropriate.


Supplementing 2D Mammography

This on-demand course will review: Tomosynthesis – Case presentations, to include management of radial scars MRI – Practical application of MRI, who benefits the most? Abbreviated MRI MBI The future – Individualized treatments at the molecular level


Saving the Brain

This on-demand course will help participants: Understand the relationship between non-contrast head CT and IV-tPA administration Identify patients requiring advanced stroke imaging with CTA/CTP Utilize results of advanced stroke imaging in triaging patients for thrombectomy Understand the recent literature regarding late presenting stroke therapy Gain basic interpretation skills for advanced stroke imaging


Rational Imaging to Assess Pulmonary Embolism

This on-demand course will help participants: Appreciate the scope of pulmonary thromboembolic disease Understand the basis for the PIOPED group’s reports and recommendations Be able to explain the different clinical decision support tools for pulmonary embolism risk stratification Recognize the controversy in CTEPH imaging