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Return to Vitality: Circulation, Respiration

December 6, 2019 - December 8, 2019

Vitality is something we experience on a daily basis. We see it in newborns, young children, plants and other living things, yet we have no way to measure it other than comparing it to itself: youth vs. aging, healthy vs. ill, etc.

In this three-day class, attendees will explore the most current scientific research, osteopathic research and clinical practice concerning the respiratory and circulatory functions, which are vital functions and contain vital forces, or vitality. The functions interact and are interdependent, and they feed each other. For instance, over 50% of venous blood flow in the inferior vena cava is respiration dependent. According to Doppler imaging, the pulse of the inferior vena cava moves at the respiratory rate, not the heart rate.

Attendees also will explore the use of “vital forces” as “activating forces” in treatment. Dr. Fulford’s idea of shock in the nervous system will be expanded to include the use of vital forces to treat the shock and expand the concept to the vascular system. Did you know shock is a codeable diagnosis? Dr. Lossing will discuss principles of Dr. Sutherland and Barral along with ideas from traditional Chinese medicine to teach attendees exactly how vitality can be palpated, used in treatment and verified.

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American Academy of Osteopathy


UNTHSC Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Fort Worth, Texas

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21 AOA Category 1-A


Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

Additional Details

The course director is Kenneth J. Lossing, DO.