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Macomb Spring CME Update

May 2, 2020

The educational format of the Macomb Spring CME Update is comprised of eight clinical topics relevant to primary care physicians that were developed based on outcome surveys, new clinical guidelines, recent public health reports, evidence-based literature and information from our local health department. The following gaps were identified when developing the clinical content for the upcoming activity: Sports Medicine updates, Immunization updates, HPV Vaccination update, medication updates, and information regarding the new trend of vaping and repercussions of this.

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Activity Sponsor

Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine


Clinton Township, Michigan

Anticipated Credits

8 AOA Category 1-A

Additional Details

Upon completion of this conference, the participant will be able to: 1) accurately assess, diagnose, and treat common msk complaints seen in primary care; 2) Identify up to date treatment options for msk complaints included in the lecture; 3) greater understanding of what are the essential interventions in management of the out of hospital cardiac arrest patient; 4) Improve utilization of HPV-9 vaccine; 5) Improve knowledge base of the vaccine and associated cancers; 6) identify and treat common Orthopedic conditions that are often minimal or their diagnosis and treatment are delayed; 7) have an understanding of the pathophysiology and visual appearance of allergic contact dermatitis; 8) how to approach a patient with allergic contact dermatitis; 9) evaluation and testing; 10) understand the top allergens in the population and approach for the treatment of the allergic contact dermatitis; 11) discuss current trends in use and regulation of e-cigarettes; 12) describe acute and long term complications associated with vaping; 13) examine the evidence to aid patients interested in quitting vaping; 14) understand the different roles neurotransmitters play in the disease states, understand hope to switch from one medication family to the next; and 15) understand the risk v. benefits of certain medications.