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Independence vs. Employment: The Ever-Shifting Landscape

June 9, 2021

* Cost of this webinar includes a hard copy of the book “Choosing Autonomy: The Physician’s Guide to Returning to Private Practice,” authored by the webinar speaker.

If you are contemplating a change to a become a hospital-employed physician or an independent physician, how do you decide if the grass on other side of the fence will be greener? Using public news reports and real life examples, this presentation will provide attendees with actionable tools that take the following into consideration: sustaining independence, selling a practice, sustaining hospital employment or terminating employment and re-establishing private practice.

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American Osteopathic Information Association

Activity Time

June 9, 2021 at 7:00 PM CST

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1 AOA Category 2-A


$109 for AOA members | $149 for non-members (includes hard copy book which will be sent out following the viewing of the live or recorded webinar)

Additional Details

Duration: 60 minutes including Q & A
Panelist: Randy Bauman