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About Us The 142 Club

The 142 Club

Super service

Celebrating AOA staff contributions

The 142 Club recognizes AOA staff members who go above and beyond to meet the needs of our members and promote the osteopathic profession.

Since launching in October 2019, the 142 Club has inducted 22 staff members, with new honorees added each month. Check out the full list of inductees:

  • Dawn Amaskane, Director, Meetings and Travel
  • Chaunessie Baggett, Assistant Director of Administration
  • Curt Barta, Manager of IT Support, Information Technology
  • Karin Best, Certification Director
  • Mary Cameron, Senior Certification Director
  • Jessica Dangles, Certification Director
  • Gina Fieramosca, Chief Accountant, Finance
  • Linda Holman, Security Staff
  • Shirley Jenkins, Security Staff
  • Eunice Lee, AVP of Database Management & Analyses Services
  • Terry Lischka, Associate Vice President
  • Katrina Matthews, Certification Specialist
  • Gabe Miller, Health Policy Manager
  • Sean Neal, Director of Political Affairs & OPAC
  • Will Padilla, Program Specialist, Student and Young Physician Affairs
  • Trey Robertson, Client Support Engineer
  • Mario Rodriguez, Building Staff
  • Josie Scumaci, Program Manager, Affiliate Affairs and Membership
  • Jim Swartwout, Senior Vice President of Education and Accreditation
  • Donald Tom, Associate Vice President of Technology Operations
  • Daly Tongren, Publication Specialist
  • Jonathan Yelton, Certification Specialist
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