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Periodically, the AOA considers updates to its policies. Members of the AOA and others are invited to review the proposed policy changes and submit comments.

Proposed changes to AOA policy are posted for a review and open comment period. The submitted comments will be shared with the Bureau of Osteopathic Education and made available to the Board of Trustees at its February 2020 Annual Mid-year meeting. All comments are to be sent to CCMEResolutions@osteopathic.org no later than Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019.

Please note that the resolutions must be approved by the AOA Board of Trustees in order to become policy.

Revisions to the AOA Accreditation Requirements for AOA Category 1 CME Sponsors

At its meeting on Oct. 5, 2019, the Council on Osteopathic Continuing Medical Education approved a revised Accreditation Manual. The proposed Accreditation Manual has nine sections, five appendixes and a glossary. Comments collected by staff from the open comment period in March 2019 are included with each section. If you submit a comment, please identify the resolution number.

Sections of the Manual
Resolution  NO. 1 – Section I  – Who May Apply
Resolution NO. 2 – Section II – Quality Guidelines for CME Programs
Resolution NO. 3 – Section III – Requirements of CME Sponsors
Resolution NO. 4 – Section IV – Document Survey Procedure
Resolution NO. 5 – Section V – Document Survey Evaluation Methodology
Resolution  NO. 6 – Section VI- Accreditation
Resolution  NO. 7 – Section VII – Complaints
Resolution NO. 8 – Section VIII – Reconsiderations and Appeals
Resolution NO. 9 – Section IX – On-Site Program Survey
Resolution NO. 10 – Appendix A – Application Form for Category 1 Sponsor Accreditation
Resolution NO. 11 – Appendix B – Sample Information
Resolution NO. 12 – Appendix C – Commercial Support Form
Resolution NO. 13 –  Appendix D – Faculty Disclosure Form
Resolution NO. 14 – Appendix E – Random on-site Visit Guidelines
Resolution NO. 15 –  Glossary

Resolution NO. 16 – “Accreditor Needs Assessment for AOA Policy-Specific Continuing Medical Education Topics”

  • The Council reviewed six policies that were approved by the AOA House of Delegates at its July 2019 Annual Meeting.  These resolutions were presented to the COCME for consideration/discussion. The COCME approved a resolution that for topics which the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) has specific policy endorsing or encouraging CME, the required needs assessments states “refer to specific AOA policy.”

Resolution NO. 18 – “Requirements of CME Sponsors – CME Sponsors Conference”

  • The COCME approved a resolution to hold the CME Sponsors Conference at other events/venues (for example, AOA Annual/Mid-Year Board of Trustees meetings, OMED, AOA osteopathic state conventions, and osteopathic specialty colleges events) that are less costly than the current LEAD conference.

Resolution NO. 19 – “AOA Category 1-A CME Credit for Item Writing – 2019 – 2021 Continuing Medical Education Guide for Osteopathic Physicians”

  • The COCME approved a resolution to award AOA Category 1-A CME credit for item writing.

Graduate Medical Education Policies from the Council on Postdoctoral Training

The Council on Postdoctoral Training (COPT) has submitted proposed policy changes to the specialty basic standards after July 1, 2020, which are posted for open comment. These proposed changes describe the accreditation structure for AOA programs that do not achieve ACGME accreditation by June 30, 2020, but still have residents in training. The submitted comments will be reviewed by COPT and made available to the Bureau of Osteopathic Education and Board of Trustees.

The following documents have been provided for public comment:

The comment period will close Monday, Dec. 16, 2019.

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