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HOD Special Session FAQ

Policy Matters

Answers to your questions about the HOD virtual session set for Nov. 7

Get details on what to expect and how to prepare for the House of Delegates policymaking meeting.

The AOA House of Delegates will convene virtually for a special session on Nov. 7 to consider resolutions and enact policy. The following Frequently Asked Questions include the most recent updates on meeting processes and voting procedures. If you have a question that is not covered, please contact


What are the times of the special session of the House of Delegates?

Saturday, Nov. 7 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. CT

How can I view the awards presentations?

The award presentations can be viewed on the AOA Awards page.

How can I view the video addresses from leadership?

Watch video highlights from the AOA’s July business meeting and October special session of the House of Delegates on the HOD Videos page.

Watch AOA President Thomas L. Ely, DO’s updates on presidential goals and reports on work under way to advance the profession on the President’s Address page.


There are multiple meetings taking place leading up to the special session of the House of Delegates. Where can I find information on all these meetings?

The most up-to-date itinerary of all open meetings taking place, including the special session of the House of Delegates, is available on the Meeting Materials page.


A delegate has informed me they will be unable to attend the special session of the House of Delegates. Can I request that an alternate delegate be seated in their place?

Each AOA Affiliate that has a seat in the House of Delegates was asked to confirm their delegation. To request changes to your delegation email Jason Ouimette.

Include the name, AOA number and email address of the delegate that should be replaced with the name of the alternate delegate that will take their place.

My group still has delegate and/or alternate delegate seats to fill. How can I submit the new names of the delegate(s) and/or alternate delegate(s)?

To add new members to your delegation submit your request via email to Jason Ouimette.

Include the name, AOA number and email address of the delegate and/or alternate delegate.

Will alternate delegates be able to switch with delegates during the special session of the House of Delegates?

No, but alternates may be seated in strict accordance as per the AOA Bylaws (Section 4-Seating of Delegates):

“A delegate having been seated shall remain the accredited delegate throughout the meeting. In the event that an accredited delegate has failed to qualify and assume his {her} seat when the House convenes on the second day of the meeting, his {her} accredited alternate may be seated. If a delegate, having been seated, finds himself {herself} unable to be present on account of physical disability or other cause acceptable to the House, his {her} alternate may be seated for that roll call period and shall continue as delegate until the previously seated delegate shall return for duty at a subsequent roll call. In that case the alternate delegate who has been seated may, by direction of the House, be dropped from the roll and the previously seated delegate shall return to his {her} seat in the House.”

Reference Committees

When will the HOD Reference Committee Meetings take place?

The HOD Reference Committees convene in open session on Friday, Sept. 25 from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. CT. These meetings will run concurrently.

I am an Executive Director/CEO of a group that has a seat in the AOA House of Delegates. Can I attend the HOD Reference Committee meetings?

Yes. The open sessions of the HOD Reference Committee meetings are open to delegates, alternates delegates, state and specialty leadership, AOA Board of Trustees members, AOA Past Presidents and officers of the AOA.

Will the proceedings of the open session of the reference committees be recorded?

The open sessions of the reference committees may be recorded for quality assurance purposes, but will not be available for distribution. The reports of each HOD Reference Committee will post to the Meeting Materials page and the HOD Resolutions page prior to the special session of the House of Delegates.


How will delegates vote during the special session of the House of Delegates?

ElectionBuddy will be utilized for electronic voting.

  • Vote at
  • Sign in with your numeric 6-digit access key and 4-digit password.
  • When a new vote is made available, you should see an orange button for that vote within 15 seconds. If not, refresh your browser.
  • Progress through all four screens for each vote.
  • Select Yea or Nay, then “Verify selection” and “Submit ballot”
  • Always click “Next Vote”.  Then wait at “When Meeting Votes are live … ”
  • If you step away then return to see more than one vote available, just vote on the next vote.
  • If in trouble, go to
  • For tech support, Zoom Chat your phone and email to “NEED IT SUPPORT”
Will there be voting training sessions available?

Yes. There were two training sessions held for ElectionBuddy that took place Monday, Oct. 5 and Wednesday, Oct. 7 from 5-6 p.m. CT. The training session can be accessed here.

Can the Executive Directors/CEOs have either their own training session on ElectionBuddy?

Executive Director/CEOs may access the recorded training session here.

Zoom Meeting Logistics

Will there be a tech support line or help desk for people if they have trouble accessing the sites or logging in?

Yes, there will be a help desk available to assist participants in logging in as well as for those who are in the meeting and need technical support. For assistance logging into Zoom, please contact the IT Help Desk  at (312) 202-8357.

How will I access the Zoom meeting?

The Zoom meeting information will be sent out by email to those registered for the Oct. 13-14 session the week of Oct. 19.

How will communication take place during the Special Session?

When a Delegate would like to speak, they are to raise their hand using the Zoom hand raise feature.

Who do I contact if I need voting technical support with ElectionBuddy during the meeting?

During the Special Session, Voting/Technical Support: Requesting tech support is a one-step process:

  • Step #1: Chat
    • Select to chat privately to the name “Need IT Support”.
    • Then type in your phone number
    • An AOA IT support member will contact you
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